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Rhinestone Cowboy

After much consideration, I have decided this will be my last T.Rex & Me posting as I am now working on a more all- encompassing blog of mine, The Inspiration Files. The Inspiration Files is a lifestyle blog where I will post daily on clothing, shoes, accesories, beautiful photos, places to go, and of course kid friendly fare.  Please feel free to follow it here.

For now, here is my last posting…

From left to right: Stella McCartney Cowboy PJ’s , Cowboy & Indians Toy Bag, Cowboy Backpack Lucie Claire, Love From Australia Boots, Coyboy Hats

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Knot Cool

Papabubble’s Knot Rings are twists of candy yummy goodness, and are great stocking stuffers to boot!

Click here to shop all the Papabubble treats

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Inside Out

I love how you can have it all with these reversible fairy tale dolls. Cinderella turns into a princess, and Little Red Riding Hood turns into the grandmother who turns into the wolf- bonus!

Click here to purchase from Chasing Fireflies

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The Hang Up

Good hangers are crucial. They may cost more than plastic or wire options, but something you think would be so small turns out to be much bigger, and better than expected when the right hangers are used. Pretty, organized hangers can take any closet up a notch!

Here are some some beautifully decorated wooden hangers from Ladybug Art

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Sorry for the delay in postings… I took and extended weekend trip to California. I was actually looking around at a few different towns to possibly move there. After four days spent trekking up and down the Southern California coast, I realized LA isn’t for me- at all! I like Orange County and San Diego much better. More details will definitely follow as they unfold 🙂

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Spotlight: MoMA

MoMa has some great gifts on their website. Here are a few of my favorite kid friendly items… a wooden trike and wagon tow, a wooden alphabet puzzle, a 3-D drawing kit, and a magnetic fishing set.

Click here to shop

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It’s All Wood

I think David Weeks’ wooden animals are museum worthy sculptures. Luckily for us, the carved wooden treasures are available to purchase!

Click here for more details

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It’s A Toss Up

Which game do you like best, bean bag toss or ring toss? Well, either way you win with this nostalgic wooden game duo from Anatex, and available at Sak’s Fifth Avenue

Click here to purchase

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” I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…”

Christmas is truly everywhere! I stopped by the Bryant Park holiday shops this past Saturday and snapped this photo inside the Kate Spade snow dome.


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