Smell Ya Later…

The Fresh Prince was definitely onto something when he rapped “Yo homes smell ya later” in the opening theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 

Well, so is the company Smencils. That’s right Smell+ Pencils= Smencils! Smencils recycles old newspapers to create new pencils and colored pencils that come in amazing aromatic flavors like Toasted Marshmallow, Pineapple and Bubble Gum. The pencils even hold there scent for up to 2 years!  

What more could you ask for in a writing utensil? Visit for more details.

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3 is the Magic Number


Ever stop to think about the harmful chemicals in your nail polish? 
It's actually quite frightening! Most beauty companies that 
manufacture nail polish aren't regulated by the FDA and therefore, 
have built successful businesses on this unmonitored practice. 
As usual, the cost of using chemicals like Formaldehyde, 
Toluene, and DBP is cheaper than using healthier alternatives. 
The three chemicals Fomaldehyde, Toluene and DBP can cause cancer, 
birth defects, respiratory problems, neurological damage, 
the list goes on. Enter Butter London, makers of flashy, 
dynamic colors that are completely non-toxic. Since 3 
is the magic number my top 3 picks for fall are: 
Branwen's Feather, Prince's Plums, and The Full Monty.
Check them out for yourself

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Snake Charmer

If there is one thing that creeps me out the most- it’s snakes! Snakes are just down right frightening, and always seem to be lurking where you would least expect them. Last summer, I almost stepped on one walking to the beach in Montauk. 

Nothing says “stay away from my bike” like these adorable, brightly colored bike locks from Fred Flare $34-

Now…if only all snakes could be so cute!

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Kits for Kidz Care Packages…

Did you know that out of the 73 million children that live in the the United States…28.4 live in low income families…12.8 million live in poverty…and 1.3 million are homeless? Pretty unsettling, huh? 

Kits for Kidz offers a variety of care packages that you can buy in your best efforts to make sure children less fortunate can obtain the supplies they need to further their education. You can choose age appropriate kits (infant, primary, elementary, junior high) or basic hygiene essentials that include toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. You can even purchase clothing packages. You simply choose to partner with a non-profit organization, and choose your kit. Then the non-profit organizations distribute your chosen kits to needy children. The best part- a bunch of the kits can be purchased for $12.00!

So what are you waiting for…check out for more info

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Hold Your Horses…Oops, I Mean Your Ostriches!

I know I need to get my head out of the sand but, believe it or not, I have started the Fall 08 T. Rex + Me collection, I swear! Here is the fabric swatch board to prove it…

This season is chock full of flannels (florals, stripes+ checks) along with bold color knits in royal purple and mustard yellow stripes. And who could not the notice the graphic woven prints?!? The ostrich print fabric hails from Africa courtesy of one of my bestest, Jackie.  

The theme for the season is hearts, or love…because after all, the Beatles said it best- All We Need Is Love

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Fair Trade

Fair trade is a word that is popping up everywhere given the green movement that has been going on for quite some time now. I think it is a fantastic idea and apparently, so does Supermodel Liya Kebede who has started a fair trade children’s clothing company, LemLem, in her native Ethiopia.  LemLem means “bloom” in Amharic, and the clothes are geared towards kids 3 months to 10 years of age. The beautiful garments are made in Ethiopia with traditional weaving and embroidery. Check out their website for more LemLem is also available at Barneys, Scoop, and Calypso, and online at

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