Sock Hop


For as long as I have been doing laundry, I have been losing socks! I keep a pile of my lone socks, just hoping the next time laundry time comes around its match will miraculously be found…but it never is! After a few lonely months they make their way to the garbage.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when I heard about a company that actually sold mismatched socks on purpose- appropriately named Little Miss Matched.

Little Miss Matched started out solely selling their mixed up socks and have expanded their business immensely to include toys, bedding, and even furniture. And now until Friday (11/28),  all orders over $75 will be shipped for free!

To find more mixed matches at Little Miss Matched click here


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Kokua Hawaii

If there is any truth to the saying You Are What You Eat, then it has to parallel You Are What You Wear.

This is good news for Organic Keiki, an organic and eco-friendly line based in Hawaii. Organic Keiki specializes in organic clothing for Women and Children, as well as natural, non-toxic toys and accessories.

My two favorite pieces, from their new collection are Save Some For Me island onesie ($26), and Organic Cotton Stretch Jean ($48)

Click here to find more cool items for you and yours!


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Party Time!

It seems every time I turn a page in my weekly planner there is another friend’s birthday to celebrate! (Shout out to Jamie (22nd) and Jackie (23rd)…Happy Birthday!!)

Then, there is always that immediate thought- what do I get them??

I came across these Party in the Mail festive batons on Tops Malibu, and think they are such a cute way to let someone know that even though you can not be with them on their special day, you can still party in spirit! Simply write the address on the label outside of the baton, and stop by the post office to send it on its way!

They are on special now…$12 for a set of 6- fantastic!

For more information please click here


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Island Time

It’s Aloha Friday in Hawaii, where on the island of Maui the first flagship Letarte store has opened in the North Shore town of Paia.

The complete Petite Letarte children’s collection is sold among Letarte’s classic bohemian beach tunics and swimwear. The Letarte sisters also offer paintings, and handmade jewelry made by local artisans.

The store was also created keeping the environment in mind. The shop was painted with non-toxic paint, and offers to wrap purchases up in recycled tissue paper, boxes, bags, and ribbons. Not to mention the most exciting part-10% of the first weeks purchases will be donated to the Maui chapter of The Surfrider Foundation…how’s that for Aloha?

If you are traveling to Maui soon, definitely stop by…Letarte 24 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, Hawaii 96779 


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Winter Wonderland

Bryant Park is definitely my favorite park New York City has to offer. It could be the green grass that people lay about in warm weather, or the fact that it is (for now at least) the home to Mercedes Benz Fashion week twice a year. But now I have a reason to love Bryant Park even more- the holiday stores that set up shop starting Saturday as part of the Citi’s The Pond Holiday Spectacular.

There are over 120 mini elf-like workshops that sell a variety of things from hand made hats and gloves to homemade soaps. You can also stop for a snack or sit down to eat at Celsius, the sit down restaurant with a front row seat to the skating rink. A true Winter Wonderland!

The shops are open daily November 22- December 28th. For more details about all events at The Pond click here


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The Secret Life of Bees

Yup, that’s right! A spoonful of honey a day can truly keep the doctor away. Those bees must be doing something right!

A recent study at Penn State College of Medicine found a small dose of Natural Honey before bedtime is more effective at reducing night time coughs, and increasing sleep among children, than over the counter cough medicines containing Dextromethorphan (DM). With cold season lurking…why not get a head start?

Read more about Honey and its many amazing benefits here

*Disclaimer: Though the benefits far out-weigh the bad, Honey is only recommended for children over the age of one, because their immune systems have not had the chance to build up a tolerance to certain common bacteria.


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A Penny Saved…

Who can escape the stories we all hear (on daily basis) about just how bad the economy is? It’s almost impossible to ignore- the unemployment rate stares me in the face each and every morning in the elevator on my way to work, along with the newest clips of companies that have decided to downsize.

That’s why whenever a break comes our way we should fully appreciate it! So, thanks to the people at Herbal Essences for giving all of us a bit of added cheer to our day by offering a free haircut (from participating salons) by simply purchasing 2 specially marked bottles of their Shampoo or Conditioner!

PLease see for more details


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Blue Ribbon Brooklyn


I finally had a second this past weekend to make it over to Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store located on State Street in Brooklyn.

A diamond in the rough, the five-and-dime type store is stocked to the brim with all sorts of neat knick knacks like hot dog salt and pepper shakers, novelty cleaning products, and a plethora of vintage looking Brooklyn posters.

This is the go-to present stop for anyone on your list…there is something for everyone! Also an ideal spot for the “person who has everything”.  If you are in BK I highly recommend stopping by…if not, the website is equally amazing!

Blue Ribbon General Store 365 State Street 718.522.9848


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Happy Teeth…

I am an avid toothbrusher-and flosser to boot! I even carry an extra toothbrush in my work bag so I can have a mid-day brush! I just can’t imagine the thought of going (sometimes 10 hours) without brushing…my teeth start to feel fuzzy. 

So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across Fresh & Go toothbrushes. They come with the toothpaste already in the handle, approximately 30 brushes worth. They even have a variety of choices: Adults (mint flavor toothpaste), Kids (bubble gum flavor), and whitening. 

The best part might be the price…$9.99 for a pack of 6. Stock up for all your future endeavors @


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Cold Snap

It’s November already…you know what that means- the weather is about to get mighty chilly. What better way to keep warm than a soft, homemade scarf?

The following scarf by Love, Natalie was found on Etsy ($20). You can scoop one up for yourself in addition to several other cozy choices. 

Visit Love, Natalie on Etsy @ 


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