Fun in the Sun

I have officially been on Oahu for 1 day now, and it is great to be back! It is amazing how quickly things change. Some of my favorite stores are no longer here anymore, and some new ones (that I will need to be explore) have taken their places.

But, the best part by far is the weather- sunny and 78! I packed plenty of sunscreen, which I busted out today because the worst is to get a sunburn on the first day of vacation. I packed Nature’s Gate Kids Giggleberry SPF 30 sunscreen, $8.99. It not only smells great, but it is also paraben free and water resistant.

Make sure you check out the Nature’s Gate website, because they sell so many wonderful oragnic products.


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Logo Lovin’

Typically, I am not a fan of logos. Especially when they are blatantly overdone and over-the-top. Of course there are exceptions to every rule- and thank goodness because then these adorable baby shoes from Gucci would have to go unnoticed!

Using Gucci’s signature monogram print, and red/green stripe these tiny gems have an unbelievable amount of detail- and they should for that price! The signature sneaker ($185.00) and the Ankle Strap Ballet Flat ($225.00) can be found at Bergdorf Goodman


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Yes You Can!

A new president is in our sights! Tomorrow Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. Whether you are in D.C. watching the events live, attending a party, or keeping it low key at home. Make sure you are well equipped with the following Obama themed items: Obama Cookies ($59.50) and Cupcakes ($42.00) from Eleni’s and Obama screened tote bags from Baggu ($10.00 ea.)


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Anyone who knows me can attest I am the worst with directions! I am never the person in the front seat reading off the printed directions because I usually end up getting them tragically wrong, and we have to either turn around or veer across 4 lanes of traffic to make our exit. Needless to say, they are just not my thing. 

But, now I have a handy study guide (while eating) in these very cool porcelain City Plates from Not Neutral.  You can order each of the 16 cities (Berlin, Shanghai, L.A., Cairo, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Dubai, Brazil, New York, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, London, Mexico City and Rome) they feature separately for $50 each, or in randomly chosen 4 piece collections for $190. If you are a true optimist, you might spring for the entire collection of 16 plates for $720- that’s a whole lot of map studying! 

Check out the New York plate below and view the whole collection here


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Cut & Sew…

It’s during these winter months when you are stuck indoors that I find things to do like make cookies, watch movies, and be over all a crafty gal. So while the temperatures fail to rise above single digits, I found a fun weekend activity- mini cut- out Hermes Kelly bags! 

Click here to make your very own mini Kelly bag, and decorate it as you wish. Since most people can’t afford the price tag of and Hermes bag, this is a nice substitute. Wait for the small option pictures to pop up and click on the bag with the scissor decal next to it- download, print and color. Also, check back because they do change the patterns every so often. 


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Lost & Found

The problem with keeping ongoing idea files is you always have a record of the items you simply love, and still want!

Such is the case for these Prada woven, multi-colored flats from the Spring 2004 season- I can’t find them anywhere, and have been looking since Spring of 2004. 

At the time, I was working at Neiman Marcus in Hawaii. However, my store never received them. I am kicking myself now that I didn’t buy them at the Prada store (I was looking for a deal).  So, if anyone happens to know where I can find pair in either size 7.5, 8, or 8.5 (notice how women can stretch their size depending on how bad they want the shoes) I would greatly appreciate you sending me that info- thanks!!


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Picture This…

Stephanie Hogan Webb started taking pictures of nature shortly after her first child was born. The pictures then made their way onto her children’s clothing and received rave reviews. Stephanie knew she was on to something big.

Seedling Kids has now grown considerably to the point where they cut and sew all of the 100% organic garments in Pennsylvania. Photographic images are then hand printed using water based inks. All seconds and misprints are also donated to local shelters. 

My favorite is this Peony tee below for $23.00. It looks so real, you would think it must smell amazing!


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The countdown is on…in just 10 days T.Rex + Me will be living la dolce vita in Hawaii for 12 whole days! Can you say aloha?? 

Mind you, it has been some time now since my pale skin has felt the warmness of the sunshine, (given the fact it is freezing in New York right now) and the thought of getting into a swimsuit is not exactly appealing. So, I have been trying to eat better, and get as much exercise as possible! 

I have been trying to up my fruit and vege intake, so when I came across Just Tomatoes, Etc! I knew we would be a match made in heaven. Just Tomatoes offers a plethora of dried fruit, and vegetable combinations that make the ultimate healthy snack. My choice pick is the Fruit Salad mix pictured below.

Plus, they come in different size options so if you are unsure you will like a certain choice, you can purchase the snack pack option for around $1.75 a bag. And they offer free shipping for all orders over $100. Click here for more info!


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Pack It Up, Pack It In…

I am a HUGE fan, and have a special place in my heart for all things with T.Rex dinosaurs on them (and understandably so!). Obviously, some items are cooler than others like this Dino Applique Backpack found on here  for $38.00. 

The t.rex pack is recommended and best suited for children ages 2 to 5. 


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Shoe Time

I swear Creative Recreation is one of the coolest companies! Just when I think they must have run out of amazing color/ pattern choices they come out with more fun, bright, color combinations. 

They also have added the new Spring 09 collections to their website, so check ’em out! 

The following pair below can be found at Modern Munchkin here for $45.00


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