It’s A Small World

A few years ago I had a thought- why weren’t  more companies making cool, colorful strollers? Everything was solid colored, and basic. Well there must have been quite a few people thinking my exact same thought, only with the capital to do something about it!

Check out these two strollers below from Maclaren x Lacoste, and Paul Frank x Bugaboo, respectively. Talk about riding in style!

Click here to find out more about the Lacoste x Maclaren stroller, $380 from A Dolce Baby.

And here for the Paul Frank x Bugaboo stroller, $929 from Baby Checklist.



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Hello Brooklyn, How You Doin?

Brooklyn just seems to be the place to be, right? From the hipsters in Williamsburg to the hardcore in Bed Stuy- BK has it all, and people seem to have no problem representing the borough.

Check out the company Atsuyo et Akiko’s sophisticated variation of the I Love Brooklyn staple tee below, $35. The destroyed tee is hand screened, and is also available in charcoal grey/ eggshell.

Click here to shop their website which also offers equally neat finds including a Days of the Week tote in French! 

Merci Beaucoup Atsuyo et Akiko!!


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Flat Out Adorable

It is no secret that I love to find cool, new things. I can’t even begin to tell you how many magazines I read a month. I have idea files that are meticulously organized and broken down into different categories. However, (and I am not sure why) I have been having a hard time lately finding fun things to post about- and actually just stated so yesterday. Well that was yesterday, and today is a different story. I found one link- that led me to another, that led let me to at least 20 more that I have not even investigated yet. It is very exciting!

First up, are the very lovely, and dear FLATOUTbears that hail from Australia. Made out of 100% Australian sheepskin, the FLATOUTbear is extremely soft and makes a great companion for most anyone. The bear is available in the following color ways: Milk, Honey, Latte, Licorice, Chocolate, and a special Koala bear is available in Grey.

Pick up your FLATOUTbear at here where it is on sale for $40. And learn more about FLATOUTbears on their homesite here


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Here Comes the Sun

On days like today it feels the warm weather is ages away- in reality it will be here before you know it. Therefore, I think posting about swimsuits is not totally out of the question. It also works perfectly for anyone who is planning a late winter/ early spring tropical getaway…

I came across the clothing company Pink Chicken yesterday, and immediately loved the name! Then, after scrolling through the Spring 09 collection I fell in love with the line. They have so many great prints, and cute silhouettes. My absolute favorite is this vintage style one piece Adelaide swimsuit with matching swim cap, $52.00.

Check out the rest of the Spring Pink Chicken collection here, or purchase the swimsuit here at Artebebe


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Fool in the Rain

It poured this past weekend, and one of my rain boots mysteriously has a hole in the side- therefore allowing my foot to be soaked. I am now on the hunt for a new pair. Rain boots really make my life so much easier, especially in the city. 

In my searches, I came across these adorable, children’s trompe l’oeil wellies by Trumpette, $38.50. Don’t be left out in the rain…make sure you gear your little one up for the rain that will most likely come this Spring  


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Continuing on with the Lucky theme. I posted a great song by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat entitled, none other than…LUCKY!

I have been on a duets kick with songs, and this is definitely one of my favorites. It is all I need in a song- good beats, good lyrics, and fun to sing along with! Plus, it was the first song I heard when I got off the plane in Hawaii- so it brings me back there whenever I hear it!

Hope you enjoy Lucky as much as I do!!

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Fashion Week Continued…

There is just something about Fashion Week, and the excitement in the tents that you just cant explain- everyone should experience it for themselves at least once. 

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to stop by the Havaianas booth where they were giving away messenger bags, key chains, and candy. Of course, the trick was in order to win the above prizes you had to spin a Wheel of Fortune- type wheel and land on a certain color mini flip flop (silver or gold). Lucky for me, I spun and sent the wheel good vibes so I would win, and low and behold- it landed on silver! 

I filled  up my new pink Havaianas messenger bag with The Daily, WWD, and various other fashion publications and went on my way with my bag of gummi peach rings. 

I later stopped by the Havaianas website and came across these very appropriate kids flip flops- Kid Luck Bug, $22.

Luck is in the air!


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Flirting with Fifty

The Fall Winter 2009 runway shows are underway once again at Bryant Park in NYC until February 20th. Personally, I like the Spring shows so much better because of the colors. But, one of the best shows thus far has been the Barbie runway show held this past Saturday. It was fun, festive, and just what the serious fashion crowd needed- something upbeat.

March 9th will mark Barbie’s 50th anniversary being a fashion icon. A handful of the country’s best designers came up with a life size outfit they thought captured the essence of Barbie including Betsey Johnson, Rebecca Taylor, and Tommy Hilfiger

Here are a few of my favorite looks including the Kenneth Cole “Everyone Needs a Ken” shirt which I want so badly! I have not been able to find a complete outfit/ designer list, and would love if anyone had that information and could forward it to me. See the entire Barbie runway collection here


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Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I am a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Mostly because the decorations are always so fun, and I love making Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

Many people get tripped up in the commercial aspects of Valentine’s Day. And looking back, some of the best presents I have received were the homemade ones.

I expecially love homemade cards. I came across Design Lovely’s cards the other day, and think they are just wonderful! My favorites is the Me Ke Aloha (with love). Click here to download the cards for free– and pass them out to all your neighbors, friends, and loved ones.

Enjoy, Happy St. Valentine’s Day!!


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Candy Grams

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am a big fan of candy. I hardly discriminate, though I must confess that gummies (bears, peach rings, sharks,etc.) are my favorites. I usually put together small candy bags for all my loved ones for Valentine’s Day, but I wouldn’t mind receiving either one of these deliciously fun items from Jellio below (hint hint!)

This is the best kind of candy- it never goes bad! The Gummi Bear lights, $125, and the Candy Button Bench, $1200 are my favorite picks.

Check out all the fun home furnishings made by Jellio here.


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