Ouchies in Style

Ever notice there are ways to showcase your style in pretty much every aspect of life. Obviously clothing, but even in small things like colored bands for your braces, colored casts for broken limbs, and even band aids. Pretty much anything you can stick, tie, or put on your body is a way to show the world a glimpse who you really are.

Now, there are some pretty neat, novelty band aids out there. I have always liked the sparkly Hello Kitty ones from the Sanrio store in Hawaii. But, at the ENK show I came across Ouchies, which have quickly skyrocketed to the top of my cool band aids list. 

They offer (at the moment )4 different box choices: 1) Girls- which range from pink camo to ice cream sundaes 2) Boys- which range from a tropical scene to skull and cross bones 3) Make your own (which is my favorite)- it comes with 3 markers to decorate with whatever you choose, and 4) Band-Ages which features the work of 5 different kid groups.

And they are coming out with the Mr. Men and Little Miss collection this summer- Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Tickle anyone?? 

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up as a member of P.A.B.B (people against boring bandages) because Ouchies will donate a box of their band aids to children in local hospitals.

All boxes contain 20 bandages and cost $5. Click here for more details



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