Get Your Bowl On

Some people find this hilarious, but when I was younger I was on a Saturday morning bowling league. Bowling is one of those sports that I secretly love- still. Even though it can be a team sport, it seems to be much more about personal goals.

That’s why I love Chigo’s wooden bowling pin set, $60 available at Pomme. The aromatic Hiroki wooden pins and woven ball can be neatly packed away in a burlap bag that comes with the set.

Click here to purchase the set from Pomme.

This post is dedicated to Hot Rod- who has a new found love for the game… get your bowl on!


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Antique Chic

A stylist came into work last month with her almost 1 year old son, who was dressed impeccably. He was dressed in Mexican overalls, a printed graphic tee, cool leather booties, and a plaid scarf. Finally, I had found someone who dressed their child EXACTLY how I would. This is the reason why I have been collecting special clothing pieces for as long as I can remember… they don’t make clothing like they used to! I must say, I have amassed quite an impressive collection.

But not quite as impressive as Belle Heir, retailer of exquisite vintage children’s clothing in near perfect condition. Belle Heir is one of those companies that stops me in my tracks because it is so inspiring. The website is done beautifully, and absolutely cohesive with the clothing- clean and full of detail.

Click here to shop Belle Heir






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S/S 09 Preview

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and enjoyed the beautiful weather…

I know I have been stalling a bit on getting the new line up on the T.Rex + Me site but I promise, it’s worth the wait!

Check out a sneak peak of our photo shoot this past weekend (below), at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum


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Happy 100

Today is officially the 100th T.Rex + Me post, with many, many more to come!!

Thank you so much to all the supporters!


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Snack Time

Hopefully, this week you have been doing your research and learning all sorts of Earth saving tips. 

Feel free to enjoy these yummy Earth certified organic snack cookies from Organic Bouquet, $60 while reviewing a few last minute easy energy savers.





Energy Savings

Saving energy is one of the best ways to conserve natural resources. There are

many things you can do at home to help your family become more energy


Five Easy Ways to Save Energy:



1) Turn off lights, computers, TV and other electrical stuff 

when you aren’t using it.



2) Replace regular light bulbs with energy saving Compact 

Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL’s).


3) Don’t leave the refrigerator door open.  Cold air escapes 

and this uses a lot of electricity.



4) Taking a short shower instead of a long bath can help save 


5) Plant a tree.  Trees create shade around your house and help 

keep it cool.

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Good Planets Are Hard To Find

Ever stop to think how many tissues we go through blowing our noses, especially in the Winter? Tons!!! Solution??  We can go back to using handkerchiefs! There is something so nostalgic, and classic about using handkerchiefs. 

Check out these fun Don’t Blow It 100% cotton, hankies from Toast, $5 each. Click here for more information, and order.


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Earth Kisses

I LOVE Kiss My Face, not only because everything they roll out smells/works wonderfully, but because they are also BIG eco-advocates.

They are offering everyone an Earth Day 30% off special until April 30th. Wait- there’s more- they are also sweetening the deal and adding a recycled tote with a $2 coupon to each purchase! LOVES it!

Enter coupon code: KMFEARTH9 at checkout, click here to get-a shopping!!


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Those 3 Little Words…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!

Get in the earth saving spirit with Jack Johnson and his 3 R’s Song below. Jack is one of my favorite artists because his music seems appropriate for every type of mood. This song is from The Curious George soundtrack, which also has so many other beautiful songs on it…

Check out Jack singing The 3 R’s here, and here for more info on The Curious George soundtrack


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First off, Happy Birthday to my sister, Erin! Secondly, Happy Earth Day

I hope everyone has been having a very cheery, green day, and doing their part to help make the world a better place. I have a few posts today that I hope will inspire to continue on with earth friendly habits, even after Earth Day is over.

Check out these adorable, eco-friendly shirts from Playground Stylings, $22 each (and yes, they come in adult sizes too). They are 100% organic cotton, and the water based inks contain no toxins!

Click here for more information on Playground Stylings, and to purchase.



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Disney has rolled out the first film from its production company, Disney Nature. The full length, documentary is simply titled Earth– a pretty appropriate name for the film’s Earth Day debut. 

The film, narrated by James Earl Jones, will follow three different animal families (Humpback Whales, African Elephants, and Polar Bears) as they make their way, and live their lives on this planet. 

Disney is also sweetening the deal by offering to plant a tree for every ticket purchased online opening week.

Click here to purchase tickets, and for more details on Earth.


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