Under my Umbrella

Umbrellas are a must when trekking out in the rain, especially in the city, especially, especially with kids! I am sure, if you ask people who make their way around the city, a good majority have an umbrella on them at all times. Mostly, because there is nothing worse than kicking yourself when you couldn’t decide if you should take one when leaving the house in the morning, and possible worse- you are forced to purchase yet another crappy $5 staple black one on the corner just to make it to your destination partially dry.

Well no more…think ahead and grab ahold of one of these snazzy umbrellas. And hey, even if you don’t want to drag one around just in case it may, or may not, rain- at least these picks are pint sized! 


                       Circus Umbrella, $20 available @ Kangarooboo.com


                           Blue Stripe Umbrella, $20- available @ Giggle


                  Butterfly Bubble Umbrella, $14- available @ Puddle Beach


                   Dinosaur Umbrella, $12- available from Once Upon A Time


                English Roses Umbrella, $17- available from Yellow Turtle


       NYC Subway Map Umbrella, $35- available from Umbrella Stand


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One Comment

  1. jan replied:

    I want the circus umbrella!! Under the big top having fun!

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