Antique Chic

A stylist came into work last month with her almost 1 year old son, who was dressed impeccably. He was dressed in Mexican overalls, a printed graphic tee, cool leather booties, and a plaid scarf. Finally, I had found someone who dressed their child EXACTLY how I would. This is the reason why I have been collecting special clothing pieces for as long as I can remember… they don’t make clothing like they used to! I must say, I have amassed quite an impressive collection.

But not quite as impressive as Belle Heir, retailer of exquisite vintage children’s clothing in near perfect condition. Belle Heir is one of those companies that stops me in my tracks because it is so inspiring. The website is done beautifully, and absolutely cohesive with the clothing- clean and full of detail.

Click here to shop Belle Heir







April 29, 2009. Tags: , . Uncategorized.


  1. Belle Heir replied:

    Thanks for coming to visit us and the wonderful write up. Best, BH

  2. trexandme replied:

    No problem, your site is beautiful!

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