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May is bike month here in NYC so, all month long I will be posting on the coolest bike, and bike accessories on the market for kids!

First up, is Wishbone’s 3- in- 1 bike, $250. This is an eco-friendly bike because instead of purchasing a new bike to accommodate your child’s growth spurts, you can simply adjust the bike (which has 3 different settings) for the perfect fit. The 3- in- 1 bike fits most children up to age 5. Genius!

Click here to purchase from Chit Chat Baby.




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  1. Jackson replied:

    Lovely website..

  2. Rock-never-die replied:

    GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike (20″/50cm Frame)
    Overall, this is a good bike for the money. It is a bit on the heavy side for a road bike, but better that than being too flimsy. The bike is easy to put together if you have at least half a brain and works great with only a minor tune up. The one thing I didn’t like about assembly was that apparently an impact wrench was used at the factory to attach the wheels, making them near impossible to get off without using an impact wrench. Other than that though, no problems. The bike rides well and shifts precisely after the cables have been set. One thing to note though, a standard size bike water bottle is too big to fit where the cage attaches. Also, the bars are the size used on mountain bikes, so road bike accessories won’t fit. Overall though, I would say this is an excellent beginners road bike. Once the seat was replaced, no extra parts were needed to make it ride great. It is a great bike to get into cycling without spending a lot of money.

    Read More..

  3. Rock-never-die replied:

    Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike

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