Hats Off

I was in a wedding this past weekend, (Congrats Renee & Joe) and had a blast! It sparked the idea that it would be fun to do a few posts this week on cute wedding accessories for children, as flower girls, and ring bearers…

Check out these adorable children’s headbands from Le Tour de Force. They definitely will punch up any flower girls look. 

Click here to view the children’s collection here @ Little Fashion Gallery




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Ok- I know, I have been slacking on the posts! But time was a time is a serious treasure that I was never able to find last week! So, I have vowed to start this week off right…

Enjoy the serene setting below from photographer Anna Aden. It makes me think of how simple life can be…Happy Monday!

anna aden

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When You Get Lemons…

Make Lemonade!!!

First off, can I just say that lemonade is my favorite drink. So, when I came across Kelly Ripa’s Lemonade Stand fundraiser with Electrolux to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research… I knew I had to help! And lucky for you..you can too!

Electrolux will donate $1 for every lemonade stand that is opened (up to 15K). Log in to purchase or sell virtual glasses of lemonade to raise even more money for The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Electrolux has been really generous, and committed to donating up to $500,000. So, what are you waiting for… either be an entrepreneur and start a stand of your own, or log on to donate to one of the many stands already set up. 

Click here to donate to the official T.Rex + Me Lemonade Stand where I sell Raspberry, Citrus, and Passion Fruit Lemonade- Woo hoo!! Be sure to also check out the amazing recipe page here.


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Ok, not to complain because I know the rain makes everything green… but, come on already! This cloudy rain nonsense has got to stop. The weekend wasn’t a complete washout, but enough so that I didn’t even have a chance to make my mexican fiesta banners!! So, if you too are over this weather, picture yourself here…


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Fiesta Time

Happy Friday! This is going to be an action packed weekend because my sister is throwing a Fiesta Party to celebrate the birthdays of both her children, Ashley and Emery. My niece, Ashley is turning 10 on Sunday, and nephew, Emery turned 1 on Tuesday! I didn’t have much hand in the party planning, but came across these fun and colorful mexican banners (on Etsy) that I think would help authenticate the party.

Aymujer also makes custom banners. I couldn’t help but admire and laugh at the Baby Mama version. Unfortunately, since I do not have time to order them, I might (if time would cooperate just once) try making some homemade ones myself. I will give you an update how those come out!

Click here to view all the festive version in Aymujer’s Etsy shop


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Light Bright

I remember when I was little… sleeping with the hall light on was a must! Well, for all those parents out there who are still relying on that trusty hall light- it’s time to take it up a notch! Check out these illuminating creations from Acme World Zoo. The concept was originally thought up after Hurricane Katrina, where an unbelievable amount of animals were just left behind. 

The glowing wonders are made from recycled metals, and range in price from $120 to $200.

Click here to view the entire collection, and for purchasing information.



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Color Me Happy

After posting on the Crayon Stones back in April, I feel like there are so many unique crayon options out there.

Check these out…


     Put a ring on it with Timothy Lile’s fancy creations, $50 for 8 available @ The Future Perfect


      Puzzle Piece Crayons, $10 for 3 available from Ivylane Designs on Etsy


                     Twig Crayons $150 for 60 crayons available @ Vivre

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Check out this super neato website that vintage-ifies your pictures, so that they look fantastically old school. I did notice that landscape pictures tend to come out a little bit better than photographs of people or objects. Since the website is in Japanese, make sure you click the ENGLISH button choice in the top right hand corner of the website. Then simple browse, choose photo, and upload. Check out my Coney Island picture that I took this past Fall, and how it looks after it is put through the aging process, enjoy!

Click here to start aging your pictures.



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Happy Day

I decided since I can’t spend the day with my nephew Emery on his 1st Birthday, I would celebrate with him. So, I stopped by Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea and picked up a Rebecca Taylor designed Vanilla Twinkle cupcake. They even had the new single cupcake holder travel box- which is so smart.

Happy 1st Birthday Doodle!




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Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Mine was a bit hectic, to say the least. But, I did come across a few new cool things, and will be posting about those this week. Until then, here is some inspiration…


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