A few weeks ago, it was a beautiful night where I actually took the time to sit outside and take in the amazingness that is the Summer starry sky. There are a few breathes left in the warm weather of summer. So, if you can, take the time to enjoy something so beautiful that often times is taken for granted…

once was gold tumblr

Photo courtesy of Once Was Gold

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Pretend Like…

… It’s the weekend, cause IT IS! You made it through the week, congrats! Now, since it is one of the closing weeks of summer, take some time to relax and treat yourself (and the fam of course) to some of Vosge’s Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancakes, $12… enjoy!



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High Flying Flags

I don’t know what the deal is but I have been on an intense flag kick lately, and it just so happens that everywhere I look, I find some more. It started with the IKEA flag bedding set, which I immediately had my sister go purchase for me, (because the Brooklyn outpost was sold out- no surprise there given how cheery and afforndable it is) and now the flag admiration just keeps going. Here are a few great flag finds…

ikea flags

IKEA Vitaminer Vimpel Duvet Set, $10

pottery barn

Pottery Barn Flag Party Decoration Set

hable construction pendant

Hable Construction Pendant Flag Rug

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Well Suited

Aren’t these colorful mini suitcases, $35 (a set) from Feather Your Nest the best?? Think of all your child’s treasures that could be packed in them… clothing items for a weekend getaway, as a decorative piece in any room, action figure storage, or even as a school time lunch box- the ideas are endless!

They come in so many great colors. Click here to see all options



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Ice Cream Truck

I have been on a food truck mission this summer. I trek all over the city tracking down various yummy delights such as the Waffles & Dinges truck, the Rickshaw Dumplings truck, the LCB Burger Truck, and most recently, the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck in Soho(my personal fav). Monday through Friday the pastel yellow truck can be found stationed at the corner of Prince and Greene. They have all sorts of tasty flavors like Peppermint & Chip, Coffee, and Red Currant.

For complete location and hour listing click here



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Short Cut

Summer is still looming, and I have a hunch it may be here for a while longer (yay!), so why hestitate on still buying summer clothes- especially when they are as cute as these shorts from Benny and Moon

benny and moon

Lilly Floral Shorts, $34 from Benny and Moon

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I refuse to admit that Summer is winding down, even though I am trying to cram as much as possible and check off every last ‘to do’ thing on my summer list. I took a long weekend, and made a stop in Montauk yesterday. The Ditch Witch, some dips in the ocean, browsing at Tauk, and a stop off at Tate’s on the way home… ah, Summer!

the ditch witch

The Ditch Witch Snack Truck photo courtesy of NY Magazine


Tauk shop photo courtesy of Time Out NY


Tate’s Bakeshop Southampton photo courtesy of Forbes Traveler

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Mad for Plaid

Though not everyone is a stripes and plaids kind of person- I most definitely am! I was instantly attracted to this 100% Silk Dupioni dress from Calypso, $69. I love the braided detail of the straps!

Calypso Kimberly Madras Plaid Silk Dress

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I Scream

Nothing gets kids running faster than the jingly tunes echoed by the neighborhood ice cream truck. When the heat reigns supreme, there is no better way to cool down.

Ice Cream Truck Tee, $27 available at Winter Water Factory


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There is something really exciting, and adventurous about finding a message in a botttle, don’t you think? The thought of having something so important, and meaningful that it just had to be sent by way of sea is ideally romantic, and also a ton of fun for kids.

Set them up with the message in a bottle kit, $11.50-  available from Whale’s Tale.


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