The Silver Lining

I remember when I was little, getting sick was never fun unless you got the yummy tasting bubble gum medicine. I am pretty sure it’s the only type of medicine kids don’t shy away from. It was the silver lining. Well, the same rules apply for band aids…

These bandages are soo cute, it’s almost impossible to get worked up over minor scratches and bruises.






All band aids, $5 from Archie McPhee

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A Penny Saved…

… Is a penny earned. Teach your little tots the importance of saving. Hey, and with piggy banks that look like these, you can ensure they will really go places.

pakhuis oost smallable

Pakhuis Oost Van Piggy Bank, Smallable

red leather piggy bank

Amigos Recycled Leather Piggy Bank, $52



Jonathan Adler Elephant Bank, $78


Harry Allen Gold Piggy Bank, Moss



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My North Carolina trip ended late last night. And though I am happy to be back in NY, I am missing the warm breezes, the ocean views, and the lazyness of the days… I need to fly back south!

once was gold. tumblr

Image courtesy of Once Was Gold

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Old Time Lemonade

I have been spending the week vacationing in Emerald Isle, North Carolina with my family. My cousin Kerry happened to bring Gregory’s Box’d Old Time Lemonade, which is 100% natural. A few cups later, I am hooked and can’t wait to get back to NY and scoop up some more box’d flavors of my own. The other flavors include Green Tea with Honey, Iced Tea with Lemon, and Iced Tea with Peach- yum!

Click here to learn more about Gregory’s Box’d Beverages



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Whole Lotta Heart

Good teachers are hard to come by, and often go unappreciated. I should know- I hear plenty of tough stories from my sister, a teacher on Long Island. Check out a few of these statistics:


  • The nation will need 2.2-2.4 million more teachers by 2010
  • Teachers currently rank in the top of respected professions, but in the bottom as a planned career choice.
  • 30-50% of teachers leave the profession within 3-5 years.
  • Teachers spend an average of $1,200 of their own money each year to outfit their classrooms for basic learning.
  • Join me in celebrating teachers through Jones New York’s non-profit organization, In the Classroom. By purchasing a limited edition t-shirt illustrated by artist Sujean Rim, 100% of profits will be donated to In the Classroom, which ultimately supports teachers and children’s education through various outlets. 

    Click here to learn more about Jones New York In the Classroom, and here to purchase the t-shirt


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    Starry Eyed Surprise

    I am a big fan of anything with stars. So, when I was scanning the Fall collection from Mini Boden, I couldn’t help but notice the celestial common thread in many of the pieces. Here are my favs…

    star snow suit

    Star Snowsuit, $62

    star boxer briefs 1

    Star Boxers, 3 pack- $28


    star patch cords

    Star Patch Cords, $28

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    It has been a very long, hectic day and I am not sure why. But between being stuck on a broken down train for over 2 hours, having my favorite lunch spot be closed “due to drainage problems”, and not being able to get to the ATM because the president was making a local appearance- something was up. I like to believe it is possible to make your own luck, but on days like this… I am just not sure. At least I have this cheery, inspirational card from Keetra Dean Dixon to help me believe again- and I think it might be working!

    keetra dean dixon

    Image courtesy of Keetra Dean Dixon

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    Sister Love

    Happy Friday! Ready to make things even sweeter?? Hop over to Spoon Sisters for a 25% off discount on all orders when entering DCSPOON at checkout,courtesy of Daily Candy. Here are a few of my favorite picks…


    Face Plates, $10

    deluxe lunch boxes$45

    Deluxe Lunch Boxes, $45


    Hand Tattoos, $7

    teepee $325

    Teepees, $325

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    An Apple A Day

    Apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities. For the past few years, I have been going to The Milk Pail in Water Mill because it is so pretty out there and their apples taste great and make amazing cobblers.

    I recently came across the perfect apple companion- the jacket! Designed by Jacqueline Dufresne, the knit cozies keep apples safe from bruising in lunch boxes, and on daily travels, $20.

    Click here to purchase from The Curiosity Shoppe

    curiosity shoppe jacqueline dufresne

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    It’s Doh Time!

    That’s right today is National Play- Doh day! The kid- friendly dough has been around for over 50 years, and still continues to spark many childhood memories. Join me in celebrating!!

    Click here to view the massive amount of cute art and crafts kits Play-Doh offers



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