Happy Halloween!

It’s Friday, which means tomorrow is Halloween. I hope everyone has a very fun, safe, and happy day! Here are a few last minute Halloween favorites of mine…


Clockwise from Top Left: Pumpkin Hat, $21- LA Originals on Etsy, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, $14 each from Dylan’s Candy Bar, Pumpkin Applique Tee from Gap, Spider Leg Warmers, $7 from Babylegs

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Handy Dandy Candy Totes

When I was little I had a hard, orange plastic pumpkin to carry around all my candy treasures on Halloween. As I got older, I carried a pillowcase, which I am pretty ashamed of now- but at the time it was the cool thing to do. Well times have changed… check out these cool totes from the North American Bear Company, $10 each.

Click here to purchase

north amercian bear company totes

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Novelty Candy

Instead of the regular old Snickers, M&M’s, and Reese’s this Halloween, why not give Papabubble? Papabubble makes hard artisan candy in all sorts of flavors at their NYC flagship store on Broome. You can also just stop by for a taste and watch the candy makers work their magic.

Click here for more info on Papabubble

pappbubble store


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Wovenplay is definitely one of my favorite kids companies. Their creations are so ethereal, and extremely unique. I would dress my child up in any one of their fantasy dress up outfits for Halloween. I wouldn’t even mind a pretty winged- fairy dress for myself!

Click here for more information on Wovenplay




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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays- I love getting dressed up for the day! So, to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, I will be posting all week on fun Halloween products. Make sure you check back!


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So I have a bit more info on the Stella McCartney x Gap line I posted on previously, which is hitting stores November 2nd! Check out this pic below for a preview of the 70 piece line… can we talk about that military inspired jacket?? Check back in early November and  I will post my favorites!


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Check out the cool packaging on these pin sets from Assembly of Text, $6 each. Obviously the dinosaurs are my favorite, but think of how great the ships, or the happy birthday set would look on a backpack or tote!!

Click here for more info




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Doodle, Doodle, Doodle

Bug, Bug, Bug! It is no coincidence that these adorable shoes from Simple are named the Doodle, $38- they would be perfect for my nephew, whose nickname just happens to be DOODLEBUG! 

Click here for more info


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Happy Monday- hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I had quite the adventure on Saturday looking for a old, abandoned beach house designed by architect Andrew Geller out on Long Island. Sadly enough, I was not able to track it down. But, I am definitely getting closer. I also saw Where The Wild Thing Are which was at the top of my list of things to do this weekend. Once again sadly enough, it was mostly a disappointment, and seemed to be as depressing as the weekend weather. In spite of the above obstacles the weekend wasn’t a total bust!

Here’s to cool, old abandoned things

doe c doe

Image from Doe C Doe

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Oh Honey, Honey

Let me tell you- my niece, Ashley and I have been loving flavored honey sticks. My personal favorite is lemon. But the watermelon, cherry, and raspberry are equally as yummy. Plus, they make a great little, healthy treat.

Click here to purchase all your favorite flavors from Marshall’s Farm, $15 for 50


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