Spotlight: Nonchalant Mom

After having spent three of my college years at the University of Rhode Island, I can attest, Rhode Island was in need of a cool kids store- and now they have it in the Nonchalant Mom. I first heard about the Nonchalant Mom store in Domino, Conde Nast’s now sadly defunct home living magazine. It is now always on my list of places to stop when I go back for a visit.

For those of you not in Rhode Island (myself included) check out the perfectly edited stock on their website. Here are a few of my favorite picks…

Clockwise from Top Left: Kit + Lili Reversible Hoodie- $70, Benk knit cap- $38, Baby Version Rock Ruffle Bottoms- $28, Nonchalant Mom Vest- $68, Wovenplay Sunshine Stripe Suit- $148, Chickpea Metallic Booties- $40, Makie Floral Dress- $128, Ballerina Slippers- $32

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Chill Factor

It’s a little bit more than just plain cold outside- it’s downright nippy!!! Keep your child’s fingers warm with Animits from Mini Rotation. They are fleece lined, range from $12- $18, and they are available in the following animals: frog, polar bear, grizzly bear, and elephant.

Click here to view collection

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Project: Recycle

It is estimated that up to 35 million Christmas trees are purchased each holiday season. That is a whole lotta trees to just be tossing out to the curb once the season is over! Do your part and head over to to find your closest tree recycler. Many times they will even come pick up- score! Just type in “christmas trees” in the search box and your zip code.

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New Year Inspiration

Can you believe 2009, is almost completely come and gone?!? I am wishing you, and yours a very happy and healthy 2010!

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Spotlight: MoMA

MoMa has some pretty fun things on their website right now- I actually usually find that most of their kids items are downright cool. Here are my favorite picks…

Click here to view MoMA’s kids section

Clockwise from top left…Recycle Truck: $26, Lisa in New York Book: $10, Raccoon Hand Puppet: $28, Foam Bowling Set: $25, and Wooden Fishing Set, $35

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All Dolled Up

I am loving these Cupie like cloth dolls from Retro Bird. $15. Each is named, and given a little back story on… lovely!

Click here to view entire doll collection at Retro Bird’s Etsy store

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As I decorated our Christmas tree this past weekend, I took notice how the pile of keepsake ornaments is getting very large. I could not sacrifice any ornament’s “christmas destiny”, so they all made it on the jam packed tree. Whenever I give or receive a new ornament, I put the date on the back so I can remember for years to come. Here are a few fun & fancy wool ornaments from Hable Construction.

Check out their website here for all ornaments available

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Holiday Inspiration

Can you believe it?? 4 days until Christmas (hence the need for the 4 calling birds)!!!

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The Jig Is Up!

You need to head over to Handmade Jig’s Etsy store immediately! Check out these fabulous onesies they personalize just for you, and pack in a neat wooden box. This is a great gift for anyone who is expecting!

Click here to view Handmade Jig’s store

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A is for AMAZING!

Still searching for the perfect gift?? How about Gregoire Ganter’s Alphabet Magnets?? Seriously, these magnets will keep all the kids (and adults!) ┬ábusy for quite some time. And the icing on the cake is they will be available until the end of the year for only $17 buckaroos…H is for HURRY!!!!!!

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