Honey Bunny

I am always finding great new items on Etsy! Like this plush bunny doll and bib combo set from Honey Pie Designs, $20.

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Cardboard Dreams

I keep getting reports from my friends and family back on the East Coast that the snow and freezing temperatures will not let up. My sister has even said at times it was so cold out she couldn’t bring herself to venture outside of her home. I am sure many are feeling that winter pent up cabin fever feeling. Why not pass a few hours with something as simple as cardboard? I remember when I was young and the excitement of getting a new appliance because it meant they came in a big cardboard box! I could spend hours making forts, houses, and coloring the entire thing with markers- I think I may have even gone to bed a few times in my new found “house”.

Check out these winter blues chaser cardboard creations here available from Artebebe (Teepee-$74 & Rocket $79)

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Farm Country

Sometimes it is such a trip being away from NYC because you forget what nature is actually like. The majority of Maui is very country, especially in terms of the animals. You can pass chickens, cows, goats, and horses everyday. Not to mention that rooster that starts his call in the wee hours of the morning. So, in honor of all Maui’s animal friends I decided to feature these very practical, yet amazingly fun animal bottle brushes, $34 from Erica Tanov

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Swim Time!

I realize many parts of the country are knee deep in snow. However, I happen to be in the sunny town of Paia, on Maui’s north shore, (not to rub it in!) and I am in full on bathing suit mode! Why not get an early start on a few summer inspiring items? Hey, it might take away those winter blues…

Here are a few fun swim caps, $18 each from Pink Chicken

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Hang Ten

I think surf themed clothing has been so popular in children’s clothing because the designs are all around classic, and smile inducing. Here is a Hawaiian  tribute courtesy of Peek… Aren’t You Curious

Aloha Amiga Sweatshirt, $48

Duke Tee, $28

Surf 4 Life Tee, $38

Princes Tee, $28

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Spoon Man

Since staying with my very pregnant friend, Tammie, I have come to find lots of neat little things that would make great baby gifts. Check out this adorable engraved spoon from Lisa Leonard Designs, $24

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Inspiration: Maui

Well, I have arrived on Maui. I am trying to keep up with regular posts, but the time difference makes it not very easy. Also, my computer has decided to go bonkers, so I am not sure if that will be fixed, ugh! In the meantime, here is a beautiful shot of the local Maui scenery.

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