Grill It Up

Happy Friday- and Memorial Day weekend kick-off!

BBQing is a Memorial Day staple in my family. So, when I came across this kids play grill set, I knew it was a definite Memorial Day feature, $43. Toss in the apron and chef hat set ($18) and the kids are good to go!

Hope everyone has a very happy and safe weekend!!!

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Lighting Concepts

I have slowly been getting more and more obsessed with chandeliers, and I have decided everyone should strive to have at least one in their home- hah! There is just something about the pretty details- I can totally picture either one of these beautiful, floral fixtures in a little (or big) girl’s room.

Doe, A Dear, A Female Chandelier, $89.00

Whoopsie Daisy Chandelier, $119.00

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Overstock Days

I find so many great kids items on, that I have decided to start highlighting a new item every week! Shipping on every item is just $2.95, and most items are deeply discounted to begin with! I found this ride-on child’s car ($43), and love its sleek design. My nephew,Emery, would have a blast on this…

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Momma’s Little Helper

Have your little ones help you with the house cleaning (without even knowing!)! How funny are these animal mop up slippers?

Slippers available here onĀ Amazon, $13

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Monster Mash

Can we talk about the cute-ness of these Monster themed bath products- available at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Bath Rugs, $25 each. Left: Here, Right: Here

Moody Monsters 6 pack Washcloth Set, $15

Moody Monsters Shower Curtain, $25

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It’s only Monday, yet it is already shaping up to be a very busy week- party season is in full swing!! Make sure you take time to stop and smell the flowers!

Image here

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Smart Packing

Happy Friday! Looking for a quick way to efficiently pack some extra clothing for your tot? Look no further than BabySpareWear. They have conveniently pieced together interchangeable clothing pieces that smartly fit in a zipper tote. Voila! Packing for a long outing is now a snap!

Sky Blue Tie Dye Set, $52

Pink Heart Tie Dye Set, $52

Organic Recycle Set, $50

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Heirloom Quality

I think there is a definite simple movement going on…. back to simpler things- when things were measured by quality not quantity, everyone wasn’t so busy, and people were friendly. I felt that exact vibe when I came across Blu Pony Vintage. They do not use synthetic fabrics, or plastic buttons in the making of their apparel. The collection is timeless!

Click here for more info

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Time Flies

Yes, time certainly does fly- and not just limited to when you are having fun! Try and keep track of it (at least a little bit better) with these color block Lego watches, $20 each.

Left: Make -N-Create Watch, Right: Lego City Watch

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Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

Words cannot describe how cute, and genius this toothbrush timer tool is…. brushing just got a tad bit funner (ahhh!)

Click here to use the toothbrush timer

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