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Sorry for my delay in postings this week, the lazy 3 day weekend has me thrown off!

We all know kids say the darndest things… for example: when cleaning out our attic last month, my sisters and I came across a school project for Mother’s Day where my sister, Meaghan, had to describe my Mom’s features. She said she was some 411 feet tall, and we all had a good laugh.

Now with the My Quotable Kid book, you can do just that! Think of all the times you will look back, laugh, and be glad you wrote it all down.


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  1. Reid replied:

    Would be perfect for,
    “I dont have my shoes on,
    I dont have my socks on,
    I have my toes on”

  2. trexandme replied:

    haha good idea! I should definitely get this for Erin!

  3. erin replied:

    ahahah i do need this. it would also be good for when he sweeps..he says”i’m broomin” ahahahahahha

  4. trexandme replied:

    hahah “I’m Broomin” I love it! I might have to steal that phrase

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