Straw Surprise!

Got Milk? has come up with some adorably packaged flavor straws to add some kick to your cup 0′ moo! Now available in four flavors: Cocoa, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Cookies & Cream, these flavor straws are sure to win over quite a few fans!

Click here for more infor and to purchase from Tiddleewinks

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This week is off to a rough start, but since August is just about over, it’s time to soak up every last moment of Summer and all her glory, right on through Labor Day!

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Don’t pack the Summer clothes away just yet! There are still a few weeks left in the season, and it is not the time to be slacking on your child’s skincare regimen. These lazy days of August can bring some intense heat. Here are a few options to keep in mind, all organic, and skin safe!

Little Twig Mineral Sunscreen

Dr. Robin Organic Sunscreen

Earth Baby Organic Sunscreen

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Cake Toppers

I was strolling around Sur La Table in Soho yesterday afternoon because they have such a fun selection of baking accoutrements, and these animal candle holder cake toppers stopped me in my tracks! I think I might need them!

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Presto Chango

I am still not complaining that it has been raining for days, because I know it hardly rained all Summer and things are in need of a huge gulp of water at this point. But I must admit, the lack of sun can be pretty depressing… so I found a few umbrellas that can turn your frown upside down- color changing!

Splash Color Changing Umbrella

Rainy Cloud Changing Umbrella

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Mr. Roboto

I can’t get over how cuddly, squishy, and out-right C-U-T-E these plush robot dolls are- made by Etsy seller, Little Brown Byrd. What a fun birthday present for just about anyone!

Little Brown Byrd is currently on vacation, but check back mid- September for some robotic treats! Click here to view past items sold.

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Happy Rainy Monday! But who can complain? We have hardly had a drop of rain all Summer, and I was really beginning to feel very sorry for the wilting tree, plants, and flowers! So, bring on the rain!

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Later Gator

… in a while crocodile! I am just about to head out for the weekend, but I wanted to send out some Friday love with a post. How great are these casual kid tees from Lacoste? They are just the ticket for a laid back, comfy weekend! Enjoy!

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Keep It Coming

Last week, I had the urge to see if the shoe company, Keep, had added anything new and exciting to their website… and sure enough, they did! I love the playful take, and bright hues of these children’s boat shoes- pure fun!

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Lunch Lovies

Start getting ready to pep up the old school lunch for your kids with Mini Lunch Notes. These notes, and stickers are a back to school must! It is a perfect way to send your child off feeling loved and thought about during the school day!

Click here to purchase from Spoon Sisters

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