Best Time of the Year

I absolutely love this Tommy Hilfiger commercial, and the Vampire Weekend song- I have it in my head for hours everytime I see it! I especially love how the little girl drives away in the wagoneer (awesome car btw) at the end!

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Here’s a bonus post just because it is FRIDAY!!!

I love these fur boots and organic socks from Robeez, and think they would make a great combo Holiday gift for any little moose or monster!

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Advent Days

One of my favorite Holiday traditions is the advent calendar– usually if they involve any type of candy or surprise hidden behind numbered doors! These are two really unique options I found over at Red Envelope today.

* Bonus- One of today’s Groupon’s is for Red Envelope, spend $15 to get a $30 credit today only. If you are not a Groupon member click here to sign up for their fantastic daily coupon.

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I love picking out a Christmas tree around the holidays, but I always feel sad when it gets tossed out to the curb in January. So when I came across The Living Christmas Company, it brought a big ‘ole smile to my face- such a fantastic idea! It’s simple: you pick a tree, they deliver the potted plant to your door, and after the holidays they come pick it up and re-plant it! You can even request the same tree year after year to monitor its growth! As of right now, this service is only for Southern California residents, but I have have hopes it will soon be nationwide!

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Picture This

If you haven’t taken your Holiday family photos, it’s still not too late! Quick order one of these four costumes from Tom Arma, and call it a day!

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Happy Feet

Did anyone else do some online shopping yesterday for Cyber Monday? I did- I came across the outstanding animal sneaker collection on the Converse website, and couldn’t help myself. I highly receommend that you hop over to the site immediately… also make sure you check out the Dr. Seuss collection because it is equally as fantastic- I bought 2 pairs for my nephew!

Click here to shop the Converse kids collection

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The past four days flew by, yet seemed to go slowly at the same time- and just like that, Thanksgiving is over! I took it easy most of the weekend, opting out of getting lost in the holiday shoping rush. I snapped this photo Saturday…

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Dino Days

For some reason dinosaur paraphernalia has been jumping out at me this week- don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it! Today, I came across these days of the week organic undies from Stella McCartney’s new kids line… loves them!

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Sometimes things fall into place a bit too perfectly to be classified as a coincidence, don’t you think? Well, that is exactly what happened today when I was clicking around on a few different sites. I came across these dinosaur tribute necklaces from Candace Ang, and thought I should post them for a bit of Mommy & Me matching with the plush dolls posted this morning.

Click here to shop all the beautiful Candace Ang pieces

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Aside from their cozy adorable-ness, who doesn’t love the names Talia T-Rex, Saul Stegosauras, and Terrence Triceratops? These wool dinos, available at Anthropologie, are A- Ok in my book.

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