Surf City

Looking for some cool wall decals to brighten up a room and add some character? 3rdAveShore’s cowabunga creations are sure to do the trick! Whether adding to a bedroom, playroom, or kitchen these decals will definitely bring some chillax-ness to any room. Here are my favorites below…

Click here to visit 3rdAveShore’s Etsy Store

Live Aloha Wall Decal, $60

Wave Decal, $52

Palm Tree Decals, $35

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Valentine’s Fun!!

Cool Mom Picks and Etsy have just teamed up to host a Valentine’s Day card contest! Being a BIG fan of February 14th myself, I had to enter! The winners will have their cards made available for downloadable purchase with 100% of proceeds benefiting the Children’s Heart Foundation. Here is my entry below, and make sure to check back next week to see who the winners are (cross your fingers for me!).

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Color Time

Small magazine is expanding their empire with coloring books, $10. These are some of the coolest pictures around in which your kids (or yourself) have the opportunity to splash colors however they choose. It comes with 10 illustrations from various artists, and a portion of the proceeds also go to Kiva, an organization aiding to stamp out poverty.

Click here to purchase on Etsy

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Sorry for the postings delay, but it is back to business time. I promise, I will be doing my best to post as many cool holiday gifts as possible in the next couple of weeks.

The past week had a few pretty chilly days, and I forgot how cold winter can actually be! Good thing I came across these witty pencil scarves in Sara Carr’s etsy shop, $45 each. Snap one up for your scholarly tot before they are all gone!

Click here for purchase information

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Happy Halloween!

It’s Friday, which means tomorrow is Halloween. I hope everyone has a very fun, safe, and happy day! Here are a few last minute Halloween favorites of mine…


Clockwise from Top Left: Pumpkin Hat, $21- LA Originals on Etsy, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, $14 each from Dylan’s Candy Bar, Pumpkin Applique Tee from Gap, Spider Leg Warmers, $7 from Babylegs

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I came across Coral & Tusk last week, and was immediately smitten. I am loving the detail of the quirky, nautical themed embroidery. Here are a few of my favorites…

Click here to shop the Etsy store

coral and tusk 1

Funny Crab Onesie- $44 and Hot Dog Tee- $46


Theiving Hammerheads Tee- $52


Surly Sailors Tee- $62


Sea and match Game- $250

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In Bloom

There are some things I just love- bloomers happen to be one of them. I came across Handmade Charlotte’s store on Etsy they other day, and I was ecstatic when I found some homemade bloomers, $18 each! The fabric combinations are beautifully done, and I love the little word label on the waistband of each pair. They also come packed in a mini chinese food container which makes it the perfect baby shower gift. 

Here are my 2 favorites…




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Tie One On

I came across these ties from My Bella Bows on Etsy, and think they are pretty fantastic. I love the originality of all the prints. I think you would be hard pressed to find such cool ties for boys anywhere else, and for $22, you get to pick the print!

Click here to shop My Bella Bows on Etsy



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Though I have been sailing many times, I have always been a passenger. I mean, I help out with little things, but would be completely freaked out operating a vessel on my own- though it is on my list of things to learn in life (along with Spanish). So when the Chasing Summer Tour blog clued me into a pirate like sailboat made by Caillou, I was smitten! I can’t believe how well made are…I instantly added one to my Have To Have list! However, I do understand that this boat is most likely out of my price range. There is no price and if you have to ask you can’t afford it, right? SO, I have conveniently added a more obtainable, and equally as amazing option- the adorable mini boats from Willowbaus on Etsy, $16 each. 

Picture 2



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Fiesta Time

Happy Friday! This is going to be an action packed weekend because my sister is throwing a Fiesta Party to celebrate the birthdays of both her children, Ashley and Emery. My niece, Ashley is turning 10 on Sunday, and nephew, Emery turned 1 on Tuesday! I didn’t have much hand in the party planning, but came across these fun and colorful mexican banners (on Etsy) that I think would help authenticate the party.

Aymujer also makes custom banners. I couldn’t help but admire and laugh at the Baby Mama version. Unfortunately, since I do not have time to order them, I might (if time would cooperate just once) try making some homemade ones myself. I will give you an update how those come out!

Click here to view all the festive version in Aymujer’s Etsy shop


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