Happy Monday- hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I had quite the adventure on Saturday looking for a old, abandoned beach house designed by architect Andrew Geller out on Long Island. Sadly enough, I was not able to track it down. But, I am definitely getting closer. I also saw Where The Wild Thing Are which was at the top of my list of things to do this weekend. Once again sadly enough, it was mostly a disappointment, and seemed to be as depressing as the weekend weather. In spite of the above obstacles the weekend wasn’t a total bust!

Here’s to cool, old abandoned things

doe c doe

Image from Doe C Doe

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I know I have already stated how excited I am for Where the Wild Things Are to come out- I have watched the trailer at least 100 times! Well, we are getting closer, it comes out next Friday, October 16th. So until then, I will just have to continue to watch the trailer to get my fix…

Check out this amazing mural found in San Francisco courtesy of The Haystack Needle

WTWA mural the haystack needle

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In going to see the new Harry Potter movie this past weekend (I thought it was really great), I stumbled on the preview for Where the Wild Things Are and could not believe how AMAZING the trailer is… the music made it, and it is now on my list to see as soon as it comes out (October 16th)- I am not kidding, I had chills!

Check out the trailer below

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