Hope you all had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving break! I am quite happy with the amount of things I got done, but then realized 4 days is still not enough time! Thank good ness it is Cyber Monday because who wants to go outside in this rain??

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A Thankful Inspiration

Thanksgiving is this Thursday- which means lots of turkey, stuffing, and tasty pies. But it is also a time to reflect on what is most special in your life. It is easy to feel like life can more than difficult at times, but it is important to focus on (and be thankful for) those things that we do have.

I am thankful for my family and friends, and how supportive they are, for my job- which I really do like, for my creativeness, that I live near the ocean, that even though I can’t afford to travel full time, I can afford to take a trip here and there, and for the Pad Sea Eiw on the lunch special menu at Chai, which is a truly yummy meal…

Happy Thanksgiving from T.Rex + Me

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Let’s Kick It

Happy Friday! I am excited to wrap up the week. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here! Side Note- starting December 1st, I will be having a 25 days of Christmas Holiday Gift Guide where everyday will feature something new and exciting!

As for now, have a look- see at these fun sneakers from the Stella McCartney for Gap line, $48

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Boost Happy

Kids are happy- who knew?! It’s sad to think that somewhere along the trail to adulthood, responsibilities turn into stress which often can turn into unhappiness.

A recent study done by National Geographic Kids concluded that out of the 613 children polled, 70% of them consider themselves to be “very happy”. Here are the top 5 reasons they stated as attributes to their happiness (maybe we could learn a thing or two)…

* Laughing

* Enjoying the moment, and living in the present

* Spending time with family

* Getting a Pet

* Being Grateful

It sounds so simple! Click here to read the article via The Huffington Post

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Empire Stamp of Mind

The NYC skyline is something so beautiful and inspirational. I am always drawn to products that highlight it’s larger than life style.

Check out these city stamp tributes from Muji, $6 available from the MoMA store


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Can you please check out these cool news things from Finger in the Nose… no words can describe- these¬† are some pretty awesome kids clothes. Of course the company is from Paris!

Here is a collection of my favs…

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I had a great weekend catching up with some of my best friends from college- one of them got married (Congrats Steph & Dave)!

Saturday was a messy rainstorm, but yesterday was absolutely beautiful.. I will take a day like that anyday! I even stopped in the Bryant Park Holiday Shops on my way, which is always inspiring.

Plus, the new 2nd issue of ezine Papier Mache is out today, and I am loving this photo…

trelise cooper1

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I came across Cosmetics Database yesterday, and it pretty much confirmed what I already knew- it is so hard to find healthy, natural products (especially for kids). The ratings on some of these products are truly horrifying! Though I understand it is nearly impossible to get away from hazardous ingredients, I do think making wiser choices on the products you purchase is a must!

Check out Cosmetics Database here for a ranking system for all your families products.



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Tag Team

Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini, has teamed up with children’s author, Michael Roberts, to create a line of Gucci accessories inspired by his new book, Snowman in Africa. Snowman in Africa is a the sequel to his 2004 best seller Snowman in Paradise. The playful accessories will be on sale in over 200 Gucci stores from November 16- December 31st. 100% of retail sales will be donated to UNICEF.¬†

Click here for more information





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Sorry for the short hiatus, I was in Florida surprising my grandpa for his 80th birthday- Happy Birthday Opa! It was great to be back in warm weather, especially at night when the warm breeze was blowing. It makes me think of summer nights staring at the stars… Happy Monday!

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