It’s So… So, Simple!

I wouldn’t normally say I am a shoe person. I mean, I like shoes, but I never seem to buy as many shoes as I do clothes. But lately, I keep finding really great kids shoes. So, there will be lots of shoe posts coming in the next few weeks.

First up, are these adorable Weebit infant shoes from Simple. I remember Simple shoes from back in my middle school days- they were the shoes to have. Well, it seems they have greened up their line considerably, and now offer an impressive array of eco- friendly shoes. I give major props to any shoe company that goes so far to incorporate elements such as organic cotton, recycled tires (soles), and plastic (for laces) in their products. 

Check out my Weebit picks below- all $24, and click here to view all the Simple lines for Men, Women, and Children.


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Chalk It Up

As a child, I was a very picky eater. I can remember hearing my mom say “You will stay at the table until you have finished everything on your plate” on a nightly basis- my eating habits have since gotten much better. 

These place mats from Zookies are dedicated to all those kids out there who have spent some extra time at dinner tables across the world, mustering the courage to swallow just one more piece of broccoli, or spinach. 

What a brilliant way to help pass the time! Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green from Barney’s for just $18 each.

Click on the above colors for link to each specific place mat. Bon Appetit!


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Swim, Bike, Run!

Last summer, my sister (who happens to be a serious fitness enthusiast) had the grand idea that I participate in the Montauk triathlon. Feeling pretty fit myself, I took her up on her challenge without preparing as I should have. I finished the race without any major snaffus, but there were definitely a few moments throughout the race where I almost convinced myself I was going to die- mainly the swim part. Even though it was really tough, I had an immense feeling of accomplishment- though I vowed not to do it again!

Well, earlier today I came across IronKids, which is basically a triathlon for children ages 6-15… the distances covered are determined by age. Given the current child obesity rate, I couldn’t help but think how wonderful of an event this is. It is such a great way to get your child out there exercising, and hey! you never know, they could easily be the next Lance Armstrong (he won his age race when he was just 13)!

This year the race will be making stops in the following cities: San Diego, CA- Raleigh, NC- St. Petersburg, FL- Indianapolis, IN, Oklahoma City, OK- Avon, CO- Tucson, AZ- and Alpharetta, GA

If your child is interested in participating, click here for more information.

Here is age/ distance conversion chart:




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Blue-Plate Special

I have a thing for children’s flatware. I have a collection of colorful plastic spoons, knives, forks, and cups from Ikea that I love, love, love! They work for me because they are easy (you don’t have to worry about breaking them), they are cheap ($1.99 for a whole 12 piece flatware set, $1 for a pack of 5 cups), and the bright colors completely make my day.

Well, now I have some amazing new plates from Smiling Planet to add to my collection. Not only are the plates are 100% recycled and made in USA, but they also contain NO BPA (Bisphenol-A), lead, phthaltes, and no toxic inks. Plus, they are dishwasher safe, and have some of the most serene, and beautiful graphics. 

Here are my two favorite plates below, $10.99 each- and begin shipping April 15th. Click here to view the entire Smiling Planet collection, which also includes equally as cute place mats, posters, books, and tees.


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Sunday Best

Spring is officially here, even though the temp outside might lead you to think otherwise! I have already started buying a few Spring/ Summer items. Just thinking about longer days, warmer weather, and  being outside immediately brings a smile to my face! 

It is time to get in the warm weather frame of mind- it will be here before you know it. I came across these absolutely adorable dresses from Ismodern today. Ismodern makes some of my favorite children’s clothing. The silhouettes are simple, but the fabric prints and designs are what really makes them stand out.

Here are my top 2 picks- pastel perfection. Scoop them up today before they are all gone!



Left: Flutter Dress– $62, Right: Gathered Dress– $21 (on sale!)

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Gold Standard

Add some flair to your outfit while showing everyone that there is a new Sheriff in town with these adorable, tin badges.

The set of 3 pins are a steal at just $2.50! They can be purchased here on


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Out Like A Lamb…

In Like a Lion, out like a Lamb, or so the MARCH saying goes. 

Well, if today’s weather was any indication of the switch to the lamby side of things- I will take it!

And to help celebrate check out these great, super soft, lamb- themed pieces from the Bath and Body Works children’s collection. I am in love!


Lamby Coat– $36, and Lamby Bootie– $10

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I remember when I was little, every year around St. Patrick’s Day my Dad would put 4 mugs up on the mantle. These weren’t just any mugs, they were heirlooms painted with Irish proverbs and blessings that had been in his family for many, many years. I remember standing in front of our wood burning stove and reading the Irish Blessings over and over again. There was something very magical about the sayings. Here is one of my favorites, along with a few shamrock goodies for the day:

May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!

Click here to view more Irish proverbs and blessings.


Kids Shamrock Sweater, $48 from Clanarans

bobuxnlShamrock baby shoes from Bobux, $27

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Pack It Up, Pack It In…

Remember how much of a big deal it was to have your first sleep over at a friends house? Most recall being scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time! I couldn’t help but think how much Wildkin’s children’s accessories line would come in handy. 

Since 1994, Colorado based Wildkin has been turning out cool prints for kids accessories like sleeping bags, lunch bags, and duffle bags- to name a few. Whether your child is into soccer, horses, outer space or fairies… there is something for everyone.

Check out their reasonably priced line here. Also, make sure to check out the clearance link for extra special deals!


Clockwise: Astronaut Duffle Bag- $26, Dinosaur Wallet- $12, Fairy Backpack- $26, Camping Sleeping Bag- $52

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Dilley Dalley

I checked out Dagmar Daley’s website today and found out that the Spring 09 line has finally been uploaded- very exciting!

I have been following Dagmar’s Daley’s children’s clothing line for quite some time now and I must admit, it is definitely hands down one of my favorite lines. The designs are well made and have a simple, yet classic feel to them. These are not pieces that will be going out of style anytime soon, so they are definitely worth the investment. 

My favorite piece is the Simona Smock Dress in Stripe. For a list of retailers, and to view the whole Spring 09 collection click here.


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